G Suite
Remote Working

Remote working webinars

We are running a series of Remote Working webinars for anyone to attend, to help end-users with the G Suite tools available to them. The focus on is working efficiently from home by sharing and collaborating on files in Google Drive, and using Google Meet and Chat to stay in touch with colleagues.

Does your company need help implementing remote working?

Ancoris is offering free deployment services to help your IT team implement Google Meet and Drive until 30th September. This is open to UK companies and we commit to get you up and running within 2 business days. Full details can be found here.

Google Meet

Setting up Google Meet to enhance remote working.

Topics covered:

  • Google Meet overview

  • Google Meet setup and management

  • Google Meet security

  • Enhancing video meetings with additional G Suite functionality

Ancoris Webinar - Google Meet

Change Management

Tips for remote working in an ever-changing business environment.

Topics covered:

  • How we can provide support whilst we adapt to a new normal of working from home

  • Best practices and guidance to enable remote working teams with productivity tips within G Suite

  • Guidance to communicate and encourage a new digital culture

  • Explore additional G Suite applications to enhance your virtual meetings and workshops

Ancoris Webinar: Change Management

Ask an Expert

G Suite - Simple, Smart and Secure

Topics covered:

  • Emails and Calendar tips & tricks: Cloud Search, Gmail & Calendar

  • Managing your files - Organising your files in Drive and Shared Drives

  • It's all about communication - Google Meet & Chat

  • G Suite "Hidden Gems": Google Keep, Jamboard App and Sites

Ancoris Webinar - G Suite - Hints and Tips with an Expert

Google Voice

Topics covered:

  • Google Voice Overview

  • Remote Working Tips

  • Getting Started with Google Voice

  • The Google Voice User Experience

Remote Working - Google Voice

Google Chrome OS

Topics covered:

  • Chrome OS Introduction

  • Chrome OS Overview

  • Chrome OS Use Cases

  • Chrome Grab N Go

Remote Working - Google Chrome

Communication with Google Meet & Chat

Topics covered:

  • Getting started with G Suite

  • Using Google Meet for video calls

  • Using Google Chat for direct messages and chat rooms

  • Working from anywhere - accessing Google Meet and Chat on your mobile device

Remote Working - Communication Slides (Google Hangouts)

Collaboration with Google Drive

Topics covered:

  • Getting started with G Suite

  • Using Google Drive to store your documents in the Cloud

  • Sharing Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

  • Collaborating in real-time using in-document chat, comments and suggested changes

Remote Working - Collaboration Slides (Google Drive)