Remote Working with Google Workspace

Remote working in Google Workspace using Google Drive, Meet and Chat

With many businesses considering how best to keep teams connected when colleagues are working from different locations, we would like to help by providing support, tips and tricks for working remotely in Google Workspace.

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Tips and Tricks

If you work on a team that’s spread across the globe, Google Meet and Chat let you stay connected from anywhere in the world, at any time. Read our top tips for working from home, video meetings and using chat rooms and direct messages to keep in touch with your team.

Training Videos

View our quick videos on getting up to speed with Google Drive, Meet and Chat to work remotely.

Using Google Meet
5 minutes

In this video, we'll show you how to start a meeting in Google Meet, invite colleagues, chat,  share your screen and change settings.

Google Meet in Gmail
2 minutes

In this video we'll show you how to start a Google Meet meeting from Gmail or a Google Calendar invitation.

Recording Google Meet
2 minutes

In this video we'll show you how to record a meeting in Google Meet to share with colleagues or review at a later stage.

Google Chat Introduction
2 minutes

In this video, we'll show you how to send direct messages to colleagues and create rooms using Google Chat.

New Meet Tiled Layout
1 minute

Use the new Tiled layout in Google Meet to see a grid of up to 49 people on screen at one time. 

Shared Chrome tabs in Meet
1 minute

You can now choose to present your entire screen, a specific window or application, or a specific tab in Google Chrome. 

Join or Start a Meeting from Gmail
1 minute

You can now start or join a Google Meet video meeting directly from your Gmail screen.

Google Meet Quality Tool
2 minutes

Use the Google Meet Quality tool to see who attended your meetings, and the quality of your calls.

Sharing in Google Drive
5 minutes

If you need to share documents so that you can collaborate remotely, this video will explain all. 

Google Drive File Stream
2 minutes

Using Google Drive to work remotely? We'll show you how to access your files directly in Windows. 

Google Drive Offline Working
2 minutes

Worried about WiFi connections? In this video we'll show you how to set Google Drive for offline working, just in case.

Google Workspace Reference Guides

We've put together some useful quick reference guides on the Google Workspace topics that will help you when you're working remotely, to ensure you can stay in touch with your team and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides as if you were next to each other in the office. 

Chrome OS User Guides

If you're new to ChromeBooks and the Chrome operating system, use our guides below to get started and learn  useful tips and tricks to get the most from your device. 

Remote Working FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions on remote working with Google Drive, Meet and Chat. 

What's the best way to manage work and personal Google Workspace accounts when working from home?

You can set up multiple profiles in Chrome and switch between them to access either your work or personal Google accounts.
Find out more about creating Chrome Profiles.

Can you change the view in Google Meet so you can see everyone on a call?

Although Google Meet automatically changes the layout of the screen depending on the number of people on the call, you can choose to a specific layout at any time.
Find out how to change the screen layout

How can you create a new chat room for your team in Google Chat?

Anyone can create a chat room and add people to it
Find out how to create chat rooms

How can you organise messages in a chat room?

Don’t just create one thread in a room with all replies underneath it. If you are starting a conversation on a new topic, start a new thread in the room. That way, people can prioritise which threads they need to read.
Find out how to start a new thread in a chat room

Can you change the number of notifications you receive from Google Chat?

Yes, you can manage your notifications so that you only receive notifications for the rooms you absolutely need to follow. Less important chat rooms can be browsed when you have time.
Find out how to manage notifications in Google Chat